I'm landscape photographer based in Bordeaux, France.
My main areas of interest are seascape and long exposure photography. 

Always passionate about graphics, I followed three years of training in graphic arts that allowed me to acquire advanced skills in the field of desktop publishing. The diploma of graphic designer in hand, I learned progressively, progressed and evolved towards a neighboring creative field: photography!

I discovered photography at the age of 20 with the purchase of a first digital camera. Then my little camera starting to frustrate me, I decided to invest in a digital reflex and there I really had the impression of starting to do the « real » photo. A great tool that allowed me to go further in the creation, to show more faithfully what I wanted.

I like to multiply the exploration grounds, but I try to focus on the maritime landscapes of my region. I opted for a new and unique artistic style: a horizontal framing for simplicity and long poses to create a spinning effect and restore movement to the water ripples.

Activity devouring and exciting, I try to devote more and more time. Totally self-taught, I practice above all a spontaneous photograph of heart, while giving an important place to the technique.

My site is an opportunity to share a few clichés, my different eyes on the world around us.

All images are copyrighted and can't be used without my permission. © Tarek FAKHRY | Landscape Photographer