About me

Sunset. This is my favorite color...

Hey, I'm Tarek Fakhry, Landscape photographer from Lacanau, France

I have always been passionate about graphic design, and three years of training in graphic arts allowed me to acquire advanced skills in the field of DTP. With the graphic designer diploma in my pocket, I gradually learned, progressed and evolved towards a related creative field: photography!

I discovered photography at the age of 20 with the purchase of my first digital camera. Then my small camera started to frustrate me, I decided to invest in a digital SLR and there I really felt like starting to take real pictures. A great tool that allowed me to go further in the creation, to show more faithfully what I wanted.

It’s an all-consuming and exciting activity, and I try to devote more and more time to it. Totally self-taught, I practice above all a spontaneous photography of heart, while granting an important place to the technique.

My website is the opportunity to share some pictures, my different look on the world around us.

I love seascape photography especially during sunrise and sunset. It is very conducive to the sunset photography that I experience. By using Kase Filter products, it really helps me get maximum results.

I used the Kase K9 filter holder with a magnetic polarizing filter (CPL) to express the transparency of the water by suppressing the reflection of the sunlight on the surface of the lake and a soft reverse graded filter (R-GND 0.9) to slightly darken the sky and increase the saturation of the sunrise or sunset.

Adding the ND64 filter (6 stop) shifted the shutter speed, which gave the atmosphere I wanted for this photo: beautiful colors and light on the "milky" water of the lake.

All images are copyrighted and can't be used without my permission. © Tarek FAKHRY